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My Funny Valentine!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than $21 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2021. The good news is this was down from $27.4 billion spent in 2020. Good, you say! Are you some old unromantic grump? Well, as a matter of fact…

The National Retail Federation reports the average spend per person was $164.76 down from a record $196.31 spent in 2020. Men spend more on gifts than women by about 2:1. In another interesting twist, 27% of Valentine’s shoppers spent a record $1.7 billion on pets. Really folks, I own a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. Are you interested? Some of us out there must have a lot of disposable income to purchase Valentine oriented presents for our pets.

My point today, consider being thrifty in your expenditures regarding any gifts. Consider more creative, less expensive ways to express your feelings on Valentine’s day. Gift giving on any occasion can be a budget buster.

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Don’t keep up with appearances if you are on a tight budget. Consider thoughtful handmade gifts. Do you craft? Are you a carpenter? I always appreciate a handmade gift. Never go into debt to keep up with mega consumers.

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