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Savings and Investment Help

Welcome to the WalletWise Savings and Investment Knowledge Base. We connect you with important savings and investment information sites to assist you in finding great savings and investing information. 

Core Principles

This link takes you to the site The 12% Solution, by David Alan Carter. The 12% Solution is an ETF Trading Strategy That Beats 99% of all Mutual Fund Managers.

Lyn Alden, Investment Strategist, writes great stories available on her website. 

Jim Cramer know his stuff and looks out for the little guy. Sign up for his newsletter to receive his daily investment advice.

This is the best, secure, "everyday person" investment platform. Log on and learn. Research some of the best mutual funds, ETF's, and many other invest vehicles. 

This the US government site for you to purchase I bonds and US treasuries. Another site that supplies you an abundance of information. Easily purchase I bonds for as little as $25.00 per month. 

Excellent Source of Investor related information even without a subscription.

One of the best sites to do research, learn about companies and catch up in the latest market news. 

This another amazing education website specifically made for anyone new to investing. My favorite part is the simulator. Open a virtual account and invest on paper without real money to test your strategy and learn how trading mechanics work.

Another top tier investor education platform. Check out for Morningstar's personal finance section. This company rates the quality of mutual funds. 

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