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What's Left in "Your" Wallet?? Lets' Talk about .... ...Suspicious Investments.


At the risk of sounding like the Grinch, according to the National Retail Federation and a Gallup Poll in 2018, Americans spent $885 on Christmas gifts. Here is another great budget buster. Put this item in your budget and stick to it. Your children will not love you any more if you buy them stuff! They’ll just expect more stuff! America spends over $40 billion dollars on games and toys. That is more than many of those same Americans saved and invested! I spoke to a clerk making minimum wage at a warehouse club who complained she had to buy expensive gifts for her relatives because they gave her expensive gifts. Don’t feel obligated to blow your budget. Remember, it is better to give nothing and have enough money to pay your bills! How much do you pay for gifts?

Multiple Streaming Subscriptions

How many online streaming services does one household need? Netflix, Prime, YouTube TV, Hulu, HBO, Crackle, and Sling. Pick one. Just one. Really.


Americans love tattoos. A good artist costs between $150-$200 per hour. A full sleeve costs $1,500. You expose yourself to multiple health hazards that cost a lot of money to fix. If you fall out of love with your tattoo, you will spend sky high fees to remove your tattoo. Buy wall art. No needles required. How much have you paid for a tattoo?


A hole in the water to pour money into. Try a rental boat service and avoid the expense and time maintaining a boat. I have a humble boat. It is “paid” for. How much have you paid for a boat? Finance it?

New Car

Your new car depreciates at 15% to 25% per year. Buy a 2-3-year-old car for less. How much do you pay for a car?

Home Gyms

Home gyms cost from $1,000 to $2,000. If this is your thing, fine. Most people who buy a home gym system or treadmill end up not using them. Do you have a home gym? Do you use it?

Home Food Delivery

Home Food Delivery cost is another unforced error to your budget and wallet. It is 5 times more expensive to order delivery from a restaurant than to cook from home. Meal kit delivery services are 3 times more expensive than cooking from scratch at home.

Buying Lunch

According to a popular survey by Accounting Principles, that surveyed 1000 American workers, discovered that respondents paid over $36.00 per week or $1,800 per year for lunch. Pack a lunch. It is cheaper and healthier.


Estimates differ, but seems the “average” American spends between $50 and $100 per month for ridesharing.

Sports and Music Concert Tickets

According to an article reported by the Economist magazine, as soon as they release music concert tickets, a subsidiary of the “band” buy and resell the tickets at a higher price than face value to enrich the pockets of the “band”. It means that the artists scalp their own tickets! Live Nation, a concert promoter, admitted to this in July 2019. Major League sports tickets are a luxury unless you are very wealthy. Enjoy sports supporting your local high school. You will see great sports, fewer crowds and very affordable.

Self-Storage Unit

Rent a Self-Storage Unit. Pack it full of worthless crap while paying $100 a month! Buy a shed!


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