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The 10 Habits of the Financially Successful Part One

The 10 Habits of the Financially Successful

1) The financially successful are reliable: I put this habit first because it is so important. If you are unreliable, then the forces of heaven and earth cannot help you. The mediocre and worse will pass the most talented person in the world if you are unreliable. The result is misery.

2) The financially successful are honest. The best way to create a miserable life is to be dishonest. You will get away with a little dishonesty, but it is best not to make dishonesty a habit. You are untrustworthy. No wise person gives a good job to the untrustworthy. No one lends money to the untrustworthy. The Hollywood theme in the Pirates of the Caribbean, “Take what you can, give nothing back,” is so sic, right? No, it is sick. Most scholars agree that real life pirates lived a miserable life.

3) The financially successful work well with numbers. Are you uncomfortable with math? Do you just think you are bad at math? Studies show that people good with numbers are financially literate. Those that can work with numbers, but are not confident with your number skills, are less financially literate. Then there is everyone else. The folks that are least comfortable with numbers and are not financially literate. Where do you fall? Are you uncomfortable with numbers? How will you solve this dilemma? How will you survive in the World. Connect with someone good with numbers willing to assist you. Would it not make sense to hire a bookkeeper, daily money manager or an accountant to help you grasp your finances? IT WOULD NOT COST A LOT. Find a trusted family member or financial coach. Then HIRE them! If you cannot afford help, find a helpful math teacher at your local high school. Go to your credit union and ask an officer to sit with you and teach you how to balance your checkbook and start your budget.

Hint: Find someone who meets the requirements of habit number one and habit number two above.

4) The financially successful learn from other people’s financial mistakes: I have listened to countless stories of financial mistakes and have learned from them. I have made my own mistakes and learned from them. Get your head out of the sand, look around and see what is happening. Notice what the financially successful and the financially unsuccessful are doing and start repeating the habits of the financially successful. Don’t repeat the actions of the financially unsuccessful. Read books about personal finance and money.

The financially successful are resilient: The financially successful stick to the plan. If knocked down by any of life’s inevitable setbacks, they don’t stay down. They get back up, dust themselves off, and get back on a course to success. Mistakes are learning experiences. Up against the ropes? Don’t stay there. Move forward, no matter how little. Life is full of adversity so don’t be permanently affected by it. Despite adversity, the financially successful stay positive. Surround yourself with people who are positive and support you. Nothing is more deadly to success, and developing meaningful plans, than having a negative attitude and have having people around you who are dragging you down. I am reminded of the story of the pot of crabs being boiled for dinner. The crab on top sees a way to crawl across the crabs below and get to the edge of the pot and escape. What do the other crabs below do? Grab on to the one that has the chance to escape . If we go down, you go down. Moral of the story. Stay away from the crabs. Know your desire and fight to get there. It will take longer for you to reach your goals than you think. Don’t quit. Stick to the plan.


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