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Protect the Seniors in your Life! They are targets of SCAMS!

Called the Crime of the 21st century, Financial Exploitation cost American seniors billions of dollars from fraud and scams.

Who are the Bad Guys?

  • · Family Members and Caregivers

  • · Friends, Neighbors or Acquaintanc


  • · Agents with Power of Attorney

  • · Telephone & Mail Scammers

  • · Fraudulent Debt Collectors

  • · Financial Advisors

  • · Internet Scams (Ransomware) (Computer Games)

  • · Home Repair non-contractors

  • · Medicare Scam Operators

If you suspect a bad actor, call:

Adult Protective Services 1-800-677-1116

Federal Trade Commission 1-877-438-4338

Please remind Seniors to avoid conversations from unexpected phone callers. I spoke to several seniors today, and they get scam calls several times a day. Never give out personal information. No legitimate business will ask you for your Social Security Number or Date of Birth on a call the other party started.

AARP has a scan map so you can see what is happening in your local area.

Make sure you update your computer with Windows 10. Previous versions of Windows will no longer be supported. Windows 10 provides adequate support to protect you from phishing, ransomware and other nefarious attacks on your computer.

Have you experienced a SCAM? We would like to hear from you. Please comment on our blog.

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