Money Management

Learning Smart Money Management

What’s your plan when you reach a major decision point in life and need the funds to make it happen? That might be a home, a new car, a wedding, or maybe someone in your home going to college. Is the answer going to be which credit card you might have space on? No one should be relying on credit card debt to be a solution in a pinch. With smart money management, you can steer your income and savings in the right direction so when the critical decision point happens, you have the ability to not just say yes but make it happen on the spot without worry or concern. WalletWise provides you the money management support you’re looking for under the direction of Ken Remsen. With his financial expertise at the helm, your financial goals are going to be move a lot closer and be reached consistently.

Hiring a Reliable Money Manager


If you’re going out and looking for a reliable money manager to help with your personal finances and related goals, then you’ve made the first big step towards smart money management. So, the second step is working with someone who has the expertise, technical knowledge, and ethics to protect your interests. Most importantly, you need to be able to trust the money manager because the team approach is critical to a professional financial success plan. All of these criteria are possible and doable with WalletWise, serving clients in the greater Jacksonville region. Ken Remsen has spent years developed significant depth and professional track records as a reliable money manager for all types of clients, and the primary focus is on common sense planning to reach your financial goals successfully. So, if you want to make that first step count, connect with WalletWise for the second smart decision towards your financial achievement.