Money Coach Near Me

Solving the Question of a Good Money Coach Near Me

There are lots of folks available in the phone book and online who will promise they can do wonders with your money and produce great returns if you just invest blindly. That’s how folks like Bernie Madoff did the damage he did to so many, and most of those folks thought they were extremely smart already with money. A good money coach is not someone who spends all their time trying to get you to hand over more of your savings to them for “management.” A good money coach is focused on helping your build on what you’ve already produced, leveraging the work you’ve already put into helping keep your family and savings on the right track. And then, with technical expertise and financial training from years of practice, that financial money coach is pointing out how to keep you from avoiding mistakes and moving forward. WalletWise can provide you that assistance versus another character promising the next big stock investment. Finding help is a smart move, and working with a good money coach is even better one.

Who Has Financial Literacy Today?

Most folks believe they understand money. However, when they realize what’s involved with financial literacy, it becomes apparent how many of us didn’t get enough training before diving into life and making big, long-lasting decisions with money, credit, investment and retirement. That leaves the large majority of people falling into the group of learning things the hard way and wishing they had a time machine to redo things all over again. Well, the time machine isn’t going to show any time soon, but you can improve your financial literacy now and right away by working with WalletWise. Our entire approach is about expanding people financial education and understanding to make better financial decisions with every aspect of their money. Led by Ken Remsen, a trained financial coach with over 30 years of expertise and economic understanding, WalletWise is available to fill the gap we all have but don’t want to admit. So, forget about wishing what was and take action. Join WalletWise and boost your financial literacy today.