WalletWise Mission      

 Why did I start WalletWise? I started WalletWise after working with elderly family members who   became unable to manage their finances because of memory and health issues. I was asked to assist   and did so for 10 years. I began to understand the difficulties. I know that the time my elders spent at   home instead of a nursing home were cherished and appreciated. It's why I think Daily Money   Management can extend the ability to stay in your home.

 I thought, “How does everyone else manage this difficult time?”  Hmm. I'm trustworthy and good with   numbers. I can help others with their Daily Money Management.

 I’ve also read news stories stating 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. (I remember those   times, trying to raise a family, pay rent, car payments, insurance) The story that 40% of Americans are   unable to handle a $400 emergency! This is sad. This is stressful. This is not how we were designed to   live.


 I believe with a goal setting, planning and implementation, that average folks have a great chance to   become financially fit. There are so many distractions and pitfalls in our economy and I want to help   people steer clear.

 Why did I chose a Wallaby? Well my daughter thought it goes well with wallet. Wallet the Wallaby! It   keeps its young protected in its pouch, like you should protect your money in your wallet!